“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ Rumi

A warm welcome!

The above quote by Rumi wonderfully describes the essence of our work. Our SoulDating offerings - from dance events, workshops, seminars, retreats, coaching and bodywork to souljourneys - do one thing above all: they open hearts and bring you into contact with the flow of love. Out of scarcity - into abundance! Playfully diving deeper - and if it must be, also through pain - back into love. 


We create protected and contained “loving healing spaces” - online and live! This is our contribution for peace, love and healing in the world! We are looking forward to meeting you for an explorative journey into a new way of creating purpose-related companionships between man and woman.


With love and compassion

Sabine & Solomon

News & Offers

SoulDating Dance

3rd September 2023, Tenerife

We want to celebrate life in its polarities, especially through the dance of the feminine and masculine energies!

SoulDating Workshop

10th September 2023, Tenerife

A healing and playful meeting place with an appreciation ritual between men and women.

SoulDating Intensive

2nd - 9th Oktober 2023, Tenerife

Meet Soulmates! A healing space of trust with soul encounters. For everyone interested in a growth-oriented companionship.

SoulDating Online

1st & 3rd Tuesday in a month

SoulDating is possible also online. This is a combined women's & men's group, a live event via zoom. 

About us

We live our vision!

We first met on a spiritual level, with our eyes closed. In our relationship we live our vision: a healing love research and peace work between men and women.


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